What should i do if my tax relief attorney is not responding to my calls or emails?

Visit Economic Impact Payments to check the status of your payments. Most paid tax return preparers are professional, honest, and trustworthy. However, the IRS is committed to investigating those who act improperly. If you haven't received a letter about your debt, you should call the agency to which you owe the debt.

Once the collection company receives your letter, they can only contact you to confirm that they will stop contacting you in the future or to let you know that they plan to take a specific action, such as filing a lawsuit. If you are represented by a lawyer, tell the collector. The collector should contact your lawyer, not you, unless the lawyer does not respond to the collector's communications within a reasonable time. Depending on the complexity of the tax issue, it can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to resolve your tax problem.

TAS appreciates your patience during this difficult tax season, while case advocates work diligently to address your tax concerns. If you have told the collector that an attorney represents you, the collector should contact the lawyer. How you report a tax return preparer for misconduct related to your individual tax return depends on whether you received a notification or letter or not.