Can a tax relief attorney help me with an irs audit?

Get reliable tax help, tax breaks from the IRS, help with back taxes, audit representation, and resolution of tax issues through an authorized power of attorney. You need a tax lawyer if you want a faster resolution of your IRS audit, which can be time consuming, challenging and intensive. Only a tax relief professional can help you overcome the problems that an IRS audit can create. Auditing a tax return by the Internal Revenue Service is likely to lead to other tax years being opened for IRS auditing.

If you Google the word “lawyer”, help you perform a tax audit, or ask a trusted public accountant, you can also get the names of competent tax attorneys; just remember to examine them before signing an advance. Hiring an IRS audit lawyer to represent you if you are selected for a tax audit has several benefits. By having the representation of a specialist in tax law, negotiation techniques can be used to reduce the tax liability during the process. It's always beneficial to have a tax lawyer on your side in the case of a tax audit, but in the event that the audit produces unfavorable results, having an experienced professional to offer guidance can help you reduce the financial burdens that the outcome of your audit case represents.

Your tax lawyer can ensure that the facts are explained in the best possible way and that you are treated fairly according to the rules of the law. If the IRS detects a discrepancy in the federal tax return filed by a taxpayer, it can issue a tax audit to determine if the details stated are correct. An audit can be extremely stressful and your Taxpayer Bill of Rights allows you to hire an audit representation from the IRS so that you can get relief by having a tax professional on your side who will guide you through the entire process. An IRS audit lawyer is a type of lawyer specializing in tax law who can provide specialized advice to taxpayers who are being audited to ensure that they get the best and fairest result from the tax audit.

Don't worry even if you don't agree with what the auditor found when reviewing your tax return; you still have the option of filing an appeal with the IRS to resolve your tax situation. An experienced IRS tax lawyer specializing in audits provides advice to taxpayers about their rights, ensuring that the IRS does not take advantage of fear and lack of knowledge about the complexities of federal tax laws. Taxpayers should select an IRS lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of the federal, state and local tax laws that are relevant during a defense to an IRS audit. The goal of any IRS tax lawyer is to take the facts of the audit case and present them in the way that makes the most sense for a particular defense.

While there are some situations in which licensed public accountants are the most qualified professionals to offer tax advice, when it comes to tax audit defense, tax audit lawyers are the best equipped option to provide services that can help taxpayers protect their finances.