Can a tax relief attorney help me reduce my taxes owed to the irs?

If you qualify for a compromise offer, your IRS tax lawyer can help you settle your tax bill for less than the full amount you owe. The IRS will examine your income, your ability to pay, and your back assets and taxes to see if you qualify to settle your bill. A tax lawyer helps you resolve tax issues with the IRS and several state tax agencies. They use their knowledge of the tax and legal code to ensure that you get the best possible results and that you don't face an unfairly high tax liability.

They can also represent you in court. An installment agreement with partial payments: An installment agreement is considered to be a relatively new way to help you manage your debt. It will allow you to use a long-term payment plan to reach an agreement with the IRS for a reduced amount. With this approach, you pay unpaid taxes in installments instead of paying a larger lump sum.

Your experienced tax debt lawyer will work with the IRS to set the lowest monthly payment with them, so you can make regular payments that allow you to get the money you need to survive. If you're faced with a complex tax problem, it's a good idea to consult with a tax lawyer to see what types of solutions they would recommend. When choosing a tax lawyer, look for someone who has experience with your particular tax problem, as well as with the resolution method you want. To become an entry-level tax law specialist, applicants must have a four-year degree and experience in legal or tax accounting.

Most firms that specialize in tax settlements claim to have at their disposal a battery of tax experts who are former employees of the IRS who can fight for their clients. Those seeking help with their unpaid tax balances generally prefer to have their tax or financial advisor refer them to a qualified tax lawyer with years of experience in this area. Ultimately, both professionals can handle complex tax matters, but in the rare event that a case goes to court, only a tax lawyer or a professional from the United States Tax Courts (USTCP) can represent you before the IRS. Choosing the right type of tax professional for your particular tax situation is an important decision because it can help you ensure the best outcome and can save you money.

If you can show that your circumstances meet the IRS guidelines on tax relief for innocent spouses, you may not be subject to helping cover the cost of taxes as a result of the problems faced by your spouse or former spouse. Whether you choose a public accountant or a tax lawyer, you should look for someone with experience in your tax problem and in the desired resolution method. You can contact a tax lawyer if you are faced with any of the following tax situations or issues:. During the free consultation, you talk about your situation and the tax lawyer gives you an overview of your options and an estimate of how long the process should take.

When you work with a tax lawyer who is not in your local area, you can easily send documentation by email or by postal mail. Below are some of the benefits of hiring a tax relief lawyer, the typical situations in which they can be used, and the tax solutions in which they can help. When deciding between a tax lawyer and a CPA, you should also consider the pros and cons of tax lawyers. Many people who have tax problems wonder if working with a nearby tax lawyer is the right solution.

Tax lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the federal tax code, as well as extensive knowledge of the tax laws of one or more states...