How much does it cost to hire a tax relief attorney?

A qualified tax lawyer can facilitate communication between you and the IRS and can even handle complex tax litigation if necessary. These numbers aren't definitive, but they can help you understand some of the typical fees that tax lawyers may charge. If your audit will be in person, you have the right to hire a tax lawyer to represent you during the audit. If the IRS requires an office audit, a field audit, or a Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program (TCMP) audit, it's a good idea to hire a tax lawyer.

Tax lawyers at law firms tend to advise clients on what to do to obtain favorable tax treatment in a variety of situations. Certified public accountants and enrolled agents can handle the same matters as tax lawyers, with the exception of tax crimes and tax courts. If you have a tax dispute, you want to sue the IRS, the state, or a local tax authority over a tax matter; or if you want a hearing before the U.S. UU.

Some tax lawyers charge a base rate for the reduction of the penalty plus a percentage of the charges they eliminate. Most tax lawyers offer free or no-cost consultations, and you should take advantage of this offer. On this site, you can search for tax professionals based on their experience with certain tax topics or tax agencies. You can check if a tax lawyer is licensed to practice law in your state by searching the website of your state's bar association.

If you receive a notice from the IRS that you don't understand, a tax lawyer can explain the meaning and intent of the notice.