What kind of cases does a tax relief attorney typically handle?

Whether you owe back taxes, need representation before an audit, or are struggling to resolve complicated aspects of your business, such as calculating payroll taxes, a tax relief lawyer can help.. Tax problems can have long-lasting consequences, so make sure you have adequate representation when you face the IRS. Free consultation isn't hard to sell. Tax lawyers don't use pressure tactics or sales techniques to attract clients.

They don't need it because their services are worth it. Dealing with the IRS on your own is possible in many situations, but in others it can be stressful to navigate the system. If you're not familiar with resolution options, it can be difficult to know where to start. A tax lawyer is essentially your liaison with the tax authorities.

They help you identify the best path to follow and then they deal with the IRS so that you don't have to. Helping taxpayers in trouble is one of the pillars of our practice. Our tax lawyers represent taxpayers in all facets of civil and criminal tax litigation before the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Justice, state departments of the Treasury, and local tax authorities. The Anderson & Jahde legal team is comprised of veteran tax advocates with extensive experience before the United States Tax Court, the United States District Court, federal appeals courts, state courts, and state and federal agencies.

Tax law is an incredibly complex area of law, so it's important for taxpayers to seek professional legal advice before making any decisions about their taxes or filing returns. They use their knowledge of the tax and legal code to ensure that you get the best possible results and that you don't face an unfairly high tax liability. Whether you choose a public accountant or a tax lawyer, you should look for someone with experience in your tax problem and in the desired resolution method. The big difference in this case, and one that you should keep in mind, is that a tax lawyer can grant attorney-client privilege, which means that your tax lawyer is exempt from being required to testify against you in a court of law.

When you work with a tax lawyer who is not in your local area, you can easily send documentation by email or by postal mail. Many people who have tax problems wonder if working with a nearby tax lawyer is the right solution. A good example of this is asking a tax lawyer to determine if your house should be your individual property or through a trust so that, when you die, the property will pass to your family without being taxed. You should seriously consider hiring a tax lawyer or other tax resolution professional if any of the following situations apply to you or your business.

Fortunately, you can get help to put this behind you by contacting a W Tax Group tax lawyer today. Choosing the right type of tax professional for your particular tax situation is an important decision because it can help you ensure the best outcome and can save you money. Tax lawyers must have in-depth knowledge of federal and state tax codes, as well as the regulations that govern business operations. A good tax lawyer with experience in tax matters can assess your tax and financial situation to determine your ability to qualify and offer you alternative resolution options if you don't qualify.

Similarly, if you are contesting the amount of your tax bill or if you are facing criminal or civil penalties for fraud or tax evasion, an experienced tax lawyer can be critical. Tax laws are complex and, for that reason, there are many types of tax professions that have been generated from a constantly evolving tax code. Keep in mind that when tax lawyers go to law school, they learn a lot about the tax code. The only potential drawback of working with a public accountant instead of a tax lawyer is that they cannot represent you in court.