Do tax relief services really work?

Tax relief really means setting up a payment plan or negotiating an agreement with the IRS; it's not about erasing your tax liability. Rather, it's about making it easier to pay the tax debt you have. No, tax relief won't end your tax bill and may cost you more in the long run, but it could make paying what you owe to the federal government much more manageable. In some other states (Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware and Georgia), the service will only help you with your federal tax bills, not with state issues.

Every Direct Tax Relief client is assigned a personal case manager, who provides comprehensive, personalized services to find the best tax relief options for them. Optima Tax Relief can meet many common tax relief needs, and will work with a nationally known brand. Tax relief companies regularly use the Internet, radio and television to advertise their services to struggling taxpayers. Or you can impose a property tax, in which case you can take the property and sell it to recover the taxes you owe to the government.

Also check if a predetermined billing rate (a fixed rate) applies to the work of all employees in a company, not only tax professionals will apply if you cancel the company's services. Optima offers a variety of services that address tax issues, such as representation in audits, exemption from levies and levies, and exemption from wage garnishing. Tax relief may allow you to divide your debt into payments or reduce the amount of taxes you pay to the government. The tax settlement process with the states is very similar to the process with the IRS, although it varies from state to state.

And, if you think you might be a victim of tax identity fraud, see What to do if you're a victim of tax identity theft.